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Its not about the destination, its about the wander.

"I still can't believe we are doing this"

Josh and I repeated that to each other every day, for 17 days. It was June 2017. We just quit our jobs, moved out of our condo, sold most of our household objects, and packed our car with the rest. We were gearing up for a Canadian road trip of a lifetime. Little did we know, this would be an unforgettable experience.

We said goodbye to our home in Ontario, and started the trek towards the "Gateway to the West". Time and time again, we have been told how big Ontario is, but what are words when you haven't experience it for yourself? After 4 days of driving, camping and hiking, we were humbled with the fact of how large and beautiful this province really is.

Once we crossed that border line, it was like a burst of energy. We are actually doing this. We are actually 1 province down, with 4 more to go. What lies ahead? What do our friends and family think? Where do we stay? Should we take this route or that route? Where can we get fuel? We had no idea, and we loved it.

Our first full nights sleep was in a hotel in Regina, SK. I will say, after sleeping upright in the cramped car for a couple nights, an actual bed felt like a luxury. Here we were able to call home and ramble on about what we had seen, what we had experienced, and just enjoy hearing their voices after almost a week. We were greeted with vivid colours of blue and green on the early morning trek. Land of the living skies. Breathtaking.

Some people may say the prairies are boring. You drive and drive and drive, and yet it's the same scenery. Or you can "watch your dog run away for three days". But experiencing the landscape made me feel at home. It was like driving down a back road in my home town. Follow the train travelling along beside you. Watch for prairie dogs popping up in the long grass on the road side. Enjoy the sights of pronghorns running in the fields. Carefree. Life feels good when you slow down and enjoy the little things.

Did you know that Saskatchewan isn't as flat as you're made to believe? Finding those rolling hills in Saskatchewan Landing was a hidden gem. You never know what you'll find in this vast country.

I'll never forget the moment seeing the foothills as we approached Calgary. How was it? I cried. I couldn't believe we were there. We were almost to the infamous Rocky Mountains. The air was fresher, sky was bluer, and the city was buzzing with mountain spirit. We spent 4 nights & 5 days between Jasper & Banff National Parks. Your mind will play tricks on you. I kept reminding myself "Yes, that mountain is that high. Yes, that's a glacier. Yes that's an avalanche that happened in the middle of June. Yes, we are actually doing this."

British Columbia is full of hidden gems and surprises. I could spend the rest of my life there, and never get to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Ever driven on an old highway that only has one lane on the side of a cliff and a gorge? Then you haven't been to Lillooet. Ever camped beside a lake while looking for the monster they say lives in it? Then you haven't been to Kelowna. Ever been driving down the highway and, boom, you are beside the Pacific Ocean facing the Sounds? Then you never have been to Squamish.

To experience the different landscapes and features that our home country has to offer was what made us realize what is we want to do in this lifetime. "Seek new things, take aim and just do it." This was the first wander for us as Nova and the Archer, and it won't be our last.

Follow us as we wander and share our stories, thoughts and experiences with you.

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